Benny Gold Shotwell Collection

Back in June we were proud to introduce Benny Gold into the shop—a brand based on DIY values, making much of their merchandise close to where the brand calls home in San Francisco. Owner and designer Benny Gold describes the Origins selection of the Shotwell Collection: “[It is] inspired by vintage safari textiles, geometric primitive wood carvings and the the symbolic origin of man.”

Benny Gold is pressing to become a massive part of the streetwear world, collaborating with other underground designers such as Jansport, Huf, and most recently, Diamond Supply Co., which has been released with the recent Shotwell Collection—all limited edition items that draw attention from around the world. The Shotwell Collection itself is composed of sharp pieces with unique designs that draw off of symmetrical simplicity that tends to make design work timeless. And as an added bonus, as if the garments weren’t nice enough themselves, many of the cuts are made in the USA. Benny Gold is committed to making high-quality garments, and Norwood is proud to be one of only nine Canadian retailers to carry such an exciting brand.

15. December 2012
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Pendleton Woolen Mills

Norwood is proud to carry Pendleton Woolen Mills, makers of some of the finest woolen products in the world. A brand native to Oregon, there are few company names that inspire as much confidence and pride as Pendleton. For six generations, the Bishop family has owned and operated a company that consistently produces woolens of incredible beauty and quality.

Pendleton offers the utmost in quality with their line of scarves, blankets, and pillows, ideally made for the frigid winters of the North. The Banded weave and the classic Ram’s Horn are timeless designs on superior products that will endure for decades. During the past 25 years, Pendleton Woolen Mills has developed a series of Legendary blankets which are based on the beliefs and traditions of their original and most valued customers.

For the history of the brand, and information on the wool process, check out the Pendleton Heritage site.

27. October 2012
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More Poler Stuff!

Check out our new Poler Stuff! New Tees, Hoodies, Magic Tarpit (hooded tarp/space blanket), Duffaluffagus and Mini Duffel Bags, Day Pack backpack, Camera Cooler Bag, and of course The Nap Sack—a sleeping bag with a hood, arm and leg holes, and iPhone pocket. This is likely the coolest brand that ever did exist.

18. September 2012
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Reigning Champ Fall/Winter 2012

As of today, Norwood is an official stockist of Reigning Champ clothing. Reigning Champ is a Vancouver-based brand that proudly handcrafts all of their merchandise in Canada. These are some of the best quality hoodies, cardigans, crew necks, tees, and jackets that you can find on the market, all made with clean, simple, and classic designs. This is a brand of which you should take note.

14. September 2012
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Levi’s Commuter Series

Levi’s Commuter 2012 from IMPRINT PROJECTS on Vimeo.

Dark Forest Commuters are at the shop!

13. September 2012
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Brixton Fall 2012

Brixton Fall 2012 from BRIXTON on Vimeo.

Brixton’s Fall Video Lookbook

10. September 2012
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Poler: Dirtbike Camping

Poler Outdoor Stuff Presents: Dirtbike Camping In Oregon from Poler Outdoor Stuff on Vimeo.

Bikes & Camping

10. September 2012
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Red Wing Heritage

Norwood is now proudly carrying the Heritage line from Red Wing. We’ve been excited about these for quite some time, as their quality is second to none. For more info on Red Wing and their heritage you can visit their blog, or view some of the videos below.

23. August 2012
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Benny Gold!

Norwood is now proudly carrying the San Francisco based brand Benny Gold! Lots of clean and amazing pieces. Come down and check it out!

14. June 2012
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Carmichael benefit show this Sunday!

13. June 2012
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