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Tight Knit Project

It is October 23rd, 2014 and I am comfortably standing outside of Norwood Clothing Shop in Regina, Saskatchewan in a t-shirt. Earlier this week it was too warm to wear a sweater while walking in the city sunshine. Small talk … Continue reading

23. October 2014
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The Horse Who Walked Straight

A well-dressed woman of at least seventy years entered the shop today. She had never been in before. Her eyes scanned the merchandise, looking for the familiar cuts and colours of female garments which hang from two racks along the … Continue reading

09. June 2013
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Benny Gold Shotwell Collection

Back in June we were proud to introduce Benny Gold into the shop—a brand based on DIY values, making much of their merchandise close to where the brand calls home in San Francisco. Owner and designer Benny Gold describes the Origins … Continue reading

15. December 2012
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