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Blundstone Chisel Toe boot

Blundstone Chisel Toe boot
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Product Description

Blundstone's 068 Chelsea in Black is a versatile all-weather boot crafted for dry, all-day comfort. A thinner sole profile gives 068 Chelsea a leg up for people who require black footwear at work. We hear that pilots love this boot for its sensitive "foot-feel" on flight foot controls. Chelsea boot height adds excellent support and all-season protection from the elements.

It is not abnormal for there to be some initial movement in the boot, particularly in the heel area. Length is the most important element when trying them on. All Blundstone boots have reinforced toes which help keep the shape of the boot intact. The boots will never stretch in length. However, they will stretch and mold to the top of the feet, and will easily stretch in width if required. If the fit is initially tight on the top of your feet—be patient, it will stretch, or can be easily stretched by a cobbler.

All Blundstone styles aside from the Women’s series, are unisex.

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Imported to Canada.

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